Monday, November 9, 2009

Long Over Due

If you check here, so sorry that I haven't been posting. I guess breastfeeding has been something there in my life, but not on the front lines. It's the thing that I do daily without thinking. The way you brush your teeth. Not something you think to write about. So I've forgotten to journal here, even though it's still apart of my everyday. An important part, that I still want to share.

My almost 20m. old is still breastfeeding everyday and it doesn't seem to be ending. Her interest in it is still strong. She mainly nurses before sleep times (nap and night) and then on busy days she'll nurse once or twice in the day (more on quieter days). I'm content with this. Food is such a big thing in our daily lives, the nursing/milk just seems to be a sweet nurishing moment for her and I. She'll also ask in the night sometimes still...and the very early mornings. These are the times I've been ready to give up. Sickness, tiredness, travel and teething play a part in these times not being cut out. It's time to start regulated a better routine (for a more rested mom).