Thursday, April 23, 2009

Good (and bad) Breastfeeding News...

...women who breastfeed for over a year have a 10% lower risk of heart disease, heart attack, and stroke. Read full news story here.

I know that I need to take some time to record how BFeeding has been going in my own life, especially since this is a "log" for that ;) and I have been going through quite a time lately in this "department". Here's a post I wrote abut the Yeast-thrush-battle my 13 month old and I have been dealing with.

Tonight, though feeling a lot better then I have been, I still am cringing with the thought of another night of night feedings. My little one is better, but I still have infected breasts and the pain feels very deep and makes the nights long, even when she only wakes a few times. Hope to have a more upbeat post soon. I'm just trying to take care of my health and continue healthy breastfeeding...

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