Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Good Morning Suck

This morning I'm thinking of the morning nurse. Now my little girl is feeling better and is back to her usual self-seems my milk is as well. She at a stage now of being so active and wild with adventure all day long that getting her to stop and nurse means that I have a very wiggly, still on the move, sucker that is there for a quick milk, on and off, and nothing extra. So the first nurse of the morning when she's awake and not ready to jump out of bed yet because she wants to say "hi, good morning, mom" with her eyes and hands-this is the sweet time that I get to flirt with her at the breast again (even when totally tired and hung over from her night wakings). Thinking of this today...this morning, after her big sis woke her up, she crawled over to me, nuzzled a "hi" and when nursing never broke the sweet gazing look with my eyes until she was filled with warm milk. A moment to remember. Then on to playing and poking, wanting to get off the bed.

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